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Welcome to the Home Page of HINC 4 – The fourth conference on the History of IT in the Nordic Countries. This conference took place in Copenhagen August 13-15 in 2014.

The first, second, and third conference on the history of Nordic computing, organized in Trondheim (2003), Turku (2007), and Stockholm (2010) respectively, were all very successful and they acquired a great deal of interest from ICT professionals and academicians as well as from historians interested in technology. These conferences will now be followed by a fourth event, which will take place in ├śrestad, Copenhagen, in August of 2014.

A lot of pictures were taken at the conference, and you can enjoy them at this site:

The Aim of the HiNC4 Conference in 2014 was:

To re-examine the past and to extract experiences and knowledge that may be useful in making wiser decisions about future endeavors in the development and use of infor- mation technology in the Nordic countries.

At this site you will find relevant information on the theme chosen for the event, the organization behind it, the venue etc..

Pls. have a look at the exciting program:

Conference Program Final

Most of the papers from the conference are published in May 2015 by Springer Verlag as volume 447 in the series IFIP AICT. The book is 385 pages long and contains approx. 40 papers.

Order book here:



The Danish Newsletter for iT spoecialists and trade union, PROSA published a summary of a few of the presentations – in Danish:


(Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/247313569567/)

Last but not least: Our sponsors without whom this event would not be possible:

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We urge you to send in comments, notes, questions and suggestions – and take place in the debate around great examples showing how ICT (Information and Communications Technology) helped to create the Nordic Way.

(Download Folder:Folder version 14 )

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