HiNC4 – instruction to speakers!

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HiNC4, History of Nordic Computing, The Fourth IFIP WG 9.7 Working Conference
took place at IT University, Copenhagen, 13–15 August 2014.

We thank all the speakers and participants for a succesful conference! Last chance to update your paper and complete the forms in order to publish it with Springer Verlag:

Now for the final work to become famous:

The papers from the HiNC4 conference will be printed as a book (Proceedings) by Springer Verlag who uses a very specific print format. We kindly ask you to follow these instructions as closely as possible.

1. Items to be Sent to hinc4.2014@gmail.com

  1. The final source files, incl. any non-standard fonts.

  2. A final PDF file corresponding exactly to the final source files.

  3. The name and e-mail address of the author who will check the proof of the paper.

  4. A copyright form, signed by one author on behalf of all of the authors of the paper: Springer-IFIP-HiNC4 copyright form

  5. Download the Springer Author Guidelines Jan 2013and mail it when filled out.

2 Deadline for Manuscripts is October 20! Pls, remark the extended deadline!!!

Many authors have already delivered manuscripts, but you are welcome to revise your paper and send a new version.

It will help the editing process considerably if you write the paper as close as possible to the layout recquired by  Springer.  The advice below can help you to do that, and it contains links to the detailed guidelines.  Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have problems understanding the guides.

3 How to Prepare Your Paper for Publication

3.1 A Simple Procedure
Springer’s guidelines are complicated and are difficult to use and follow. Therefore the Program Committee accepts anything that just looks something like the Springer form. A simple approach is the following:

  1. Look at a paper which is in the Springer format, e.g., Springer’s own “Guidelines” or any paper in a book from the series “Lecture Notes in Computer Science”, LNCS, or “Advances in Information and Communication Technologies”, AICT.
  2. Write your paper in Word (or Latex or some other text-system) and copy the best you can the way the Springer-paper appears.
    Basic font type is Time New Roman, used for plain text and almost everything.
    Font sizes: The plain text is 10 point. The sizes of title and section headings are shown in the table. Captions and footnotes are in 9 point.

  3. Heading level Example Font size and style
    Title (centered)1st-level heading Lecture Notes1 Introduction 14 point, bold12 point, bold
    2nd-level heading 2.1 Printing Area 10 point, bold
    3rd-level heading Run-in Heading in Bold. Text follows 10 point, bold
    4th-level heading Lowest Level Heading. Text follows 10 point, italic
  1. Mail the paper to hinc4.2014@gmail.com as a Word-file (or OpenOffice-file or …).

3.2 A more Complex Procedure
There is a Word template, that allows you to write your paper in Word 2003 and use the template to put it into Springer format gradually, step by step: Title, Author, Address, Abstract, Headings, plain text one paragraph at a time, figures etc. The following links download a guide “Word Template Use Instruction” and the “Word Template” that does the magic:
Download a Word Template Use Instruction file
Download a Word Template file

  1. Read the Instruction carefully.
  2. Write your paper following the instruction. That should produce a word file in Springer print format.
  3. Convert it into a pdf file or keep it as a Word (or OpenOffice) file. Mail it to hinc4.2014@gmail.com

3.3 The Springer Procedure
In principle this is simple:

  1. Get a copy of Springer’s Guidelines from Download a Guideline’s file and
  2. Get a copy of Springer’s general information from http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-6-793341-0
  3. Write your paper following the Guidelines. In practice this step may be somewhat complicated. Convert it into a pdf file or keep it as a Word (or Open Office) file. Mail it to hinc4.2014@gmail.com


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