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The NordicWay —
Transforming the Nordic Societies through ICT Innovation

In international welfare statscholarship and political discourse thNordic Modehasbecome standard concept.” (From ChristiansenNiels Finnn et al.: ThNordic model of WelfareMuseuTusculanu2006).

The Nordic Countries have been looked upon as role models in a number of different areas within the concept of  aWelfareState:  HealthCare Systems, eGovernment Solutions, Educational systems, Social Security to Inclusion.Since measurements of ‘eReadiness’, ‘eGovernment Maturity’, ‘eBusiness maturity’ began, the Nordic countrieshave almost constantly been in the top 10 list of  countries.
The HiNC4 conference in Copenhagen August 13-15 2014 will focus on

The innovativICMilestones thatransformed thNordiSocieties

and on the new ideas, systems and solutions that helped create the welfare societies of today; but a welfare state is more than Government –it is also a state with a modern, effective infrastructure whether it comes to financial systems, transportation, telecommunications as well a easy access to a wide range of consumer goods.
Hence the HiNC4 conference was organized in 3 sub-themes:

1. ICT Solutions and Systems forPublic Services
From tax to social benefits, from education to healthcare, from police info systems to Network  CentricOperations, from democracy and social inclusion to culture

2. ICT Solutions and Systems for the Infrastructure of the Society
From railroads to energy, from telephone to wireless, from banking and insurance to supply chain management

3. The innovation and systems Technologiebehind the major milestones, such as user  centric innovation,modular programming,service orientation

Invited key note speakers positioned ‘The Nordic Way’ in a global and a European context. Contributions will include discussions on goals obtained and lessons learned.

Speaker of the Danish Parliament, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft with head of. organisation committee, Christan Gram and Søren Duus Østergaard

Speaker of the Danish Parliament, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft with head of. organisation committee, Christan Gram and Søren Duus Østergaard

The conference features contributions from researchers and IT professionals from the Nordic countries and beyond. All contributions was reviewed by a Nordic program committee. There was also  project presentations and panel discussions. See Program entry!


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